ServiceWatch™ 2

ServiceWatch™ 2

The ServiceWatch™ 2 pager allows you to receive calls from the ServiceBip™ wireless call button. The staff manages its queue without missing any order.


What will happen when you press one of the buttons on the transmitter ServiceBip?
Once a customer makes a pressure on one of the ServiceBip™ buttons, the ServiceWatch™ 2 vibrates or rings displaying the table number (or location in question) and the type of service requested by an icon corresponding to call or bill.

The ServiceWatch 2 watch receiver has a CPU processor and a sensitive wireless reception technology. It also has anti-interference system and it offers stable performance.

How do I cancel a call?
Two solutions:

  1. Either directly on the transmitter (ServiceBip™).
  2. Either directly on the receiver (ServiceWatch™ or ServiceScreen™).

How does it display multiple simultaneous calls?
ServiceWatch™ 2 receives the requests, keeps them in memory and displays the number of the last call. The requests are stored in a queue and preserved (up to 99).
The screen of ServiceWatch™ 2 is back-lighted at each call.

The advantages of ServiceWatch™:
– Display menu designed for an easy usage and learning.
– Permanent calendar to display the date and time, even when the watch is in stand-by mode.
– Compatible with 999 ServiceBip™ buttons, the transmitter name can be editable (number or letter).
– Range up to 60 meters indoors and 100 meters in open fields.
– Adaptable to other types of transmitters (smoke detector, motion detector…), the functions of the buttons are customizable.
– Queue up to 99.
– 10 alarms operate even if the watch is in stand-by mode.
– Programmable automatically stop.
– Preset: Restaurants, hospitals, banks, factories, etc.
– Power Saving Function.
– High capacity rechargeable lithium battery through USB.
– Hardware warranty for any operational defect during 1 year (excluding the battery).
– Easy programming.
– 3 types of alerts: sound, vibration or both simultaneously.
– Backlit display for each call.

Technical Specifications:
– Color: White
– Voltage: 3.7V rechargeable Lithium Battery, USB Charging with a voltage of 5V Operating Voltage: <3mA
– Standby voltage: <20uA
– Frequency: 433MHz
– Reception distance: 100 meters (in open areas)
– Operating temperature: -20 ℃ / + 55 ℃
– Size: 50×45×15mm (without strap)

For more information, check the user manual by clicking here.

In case of breakdown, we repair or replace the equipment as soon as possible. Out of warranty, we make an estimate of repairs.