Our wireless call button ServiceBip™ allows your customers to perform three types of actions by simply pressing one of the buttons:

– Call
– Bill
– Cancel


What happens when you press the “bell” or “€” button?
The watch-receiver ServiceWatch™ and/or the screen-receiver ServiceScreen™ displays the number of the “Beep” calling (table or location concerned) and the type of service requested by an icon corresponding to call or bill.

How do I cancel a request?
Two solutions:

  1. Either directly on the transmitter (ServiceBip™).
  2. Either directly on the receiver (ServiceWatch™ or ServiceScreen™).

The advantages of ServiceBip ™:
– Waterproof.
– Anti-theft support (see image. 3 of the instructions manual).
– Range up to 200 meters in free field conditions.
– Ability to extend the range up to 2 km in open field with our ServiceAmpli™ amplifier.
– Hardware warranty for any operational defect during 1 year (excluding the battery).
– Easy programming.
– Customizable color (depending on quantity).

How to secure your ServiceBip™?:

To secure your ServiceBip™ wireless call button, simply insert the supplied key into the slot provided for that purpose. The rear piece of ServiceBip™ comes off in order to fix it (with two little screws) or stick it (with glue or double-sided tape) anywhere you want. You can also secure your ServiceBip™ in a ServiceMenu™ having the advantage of displaying information.


Technical Specifications:
Hull color: Metallic Grey (other colors available, please contact us for more information)
Function: Call – Bill – Cancel
Button color: Black (other colors available)
Battery included: 12V/23A
Battery life: About 10 months or 3000 pressures
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Size: 60 mm x 21mm

For more information, check the user manual by clicking here.

In case of breakdown, we repair or replace the equipment as soon as possible. Out of warranty, we make an estimate of repairs.