Enhance the ServiceBip™ range distance up to 2km in open air.


Although ServiceBip™ have a 200 m range distance in open area, this range can be extended up to 2km.

You are in a building with very thick walls?
The kitchen of your restaurant is far from the customer area?
You are at the beach and the crew in the boat in a place without telephone network?
Or simply the reception is not perfect?

…get our amplifier ServiceAmpli™!

The advantages of ServiceAmpli™:
– No programming.
– Connection to an electrical outlet.
– Increases the range up to 2 km in open area.
– Hardware warranty for any operational defect during 1 year.

Technical Specifications:
Color: White
Power supply: DC12V~15V
Working current: 150 mA
Frequency: 433,92 Mhz ±75k
Output power: 30mW
Dimension : 220mm x 135mm x 48mm
Weight : 470g
For more information, check the user manual by clicking here.

In case of breakdown, we repair or replace the equipment as soon as possible. Out of warranty, we make an estimate of repairs.