ServiceBip™ can address the safety of your staff, your customers and your business more confidently

– Deterioration of the society and insecurity no longer allow the entrepreneur to focus on its activities quietly.
– Stores in town or in malls suffer cruelly with this climate of insecurity.

ServiceBip™ is a call button particularly suitable for stores and shops safety. It allows an immediate response in case of theft, violence or confrontation by sending an alert directly to a security guard.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

With ServiceBip™ shop managers can share the same security guard. In case of an incident, a single press on the wireless call button ServiceBip™ (it can be placed behind the cash desk for example), allow the manager to alert discreetly and without disturbing clients, the security guard.

He is immediately alerted to its watch-receptor ServiceWatch™. Once the alert is received, the agent can react immediately take the necessary measures and thus avoid the incident to escalate.

A simple press to the call button and the security service will rush to your rescue. This will provide a much faster and effective response if you need to contact the police through regular warning means.

Moreover, ServiceBip™ system works on radio-frequency, with no installation, and is fully mobile.

ServiceBip this is both peace of mind and additional insurance for the safety of your business.

ServiceBip™ is easy to use and allows you to act when there is still time.
This is an easy and economical system that you can share with other shop owners and which will guarantee more security in any circumstances.

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