Retirement home

Retirement home

In retirement homes, ServiceBip™ provides better support, more comfort and safety for residents.

– Residents of retirement homes now have the opportunity to easily and quickly request assistance and care.
– Residents benefit from a more efficient service to ask for help when needed.
– The caring service and staff is instantly notified and can respond more quickly.

ServiceBip™ is a call button particularly suited in situations when residents and patients cannot move and an immediate assistance is required.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

With a simple push on the button placed in their room or apartment, residents will send a signal to the receiver watch of a staff member, and/or on the control panel set at the most visible place so as all staff can notice it.

If a resident does not feel well or need an emergency assistance, ServiceBip™ will call a staff member for immediate action, especially in situations where every second counts. The health-care staff gains in freedom, and can react more efficiently.

On the staff’s watch-receiver, the screen displays and stores real-time alerts, and can therefore help to bring assistance to residents as soon as possible.

ServiceBip™ system works by radio-frequency, with no installation, and is fully mobile

An efficient device

The device is easy to use, perfect for simplifying urgent requests for retirement homes’ residents.

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