ServiceBip™ allows the kitchen to communicate with the waiters in the restaurant

– ServiceBip™ contributes to a better organization and a communication dramatically improved between the kitchen and the restaurant team.
– Kitchen will notify the waiters directly for faster service because of the reduced time for meals.

ServiceBip™ is a call button, ideal to use in the kitchen. It will make the connection between the kitchen and the restaurant team to save time when the restaurant is crowded.

ServiceBip™, how does it work?

By simply pressing a button, the kitchen staff can call a waiter or a restaurant manager. No need to wait several minutes leaving the customers’ dish to cool. Your kitchen is accurate and with ServiceBip ™, the service will be as such, with perfect timing for your clients’ benefit.

With a watch or a screen reacting when needed, waiters, chefs and cooks can communicate faster to be more effective. The kitchen can notify the availability of the food in real time. Any changes or cancellations will be flat without incident. The kitchen can also indicate whether this is a hot dish or a cold dish ready to be served.

ServiceBip™ system works on radio-frequency, with no installation, and the watch will glow with every order.

Your restaurant improves the quality of service and the efficiency in your kitchen

– Requests are saved in lane and stored (up to 10 requests can be saved).
– You will provide customers with optimum culinary experience with dishes served in a timely manner.
– Technology is dedicated to the kitchen and will increase your revenue through faster service.

Many restaurants already trust us, what about yours?

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