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In a condominium, ServiceBip™ helps to maintain easy contact between owners, tenants, maintenance personnel and security guards – You manage a condo and want to ensure efficient a permanent service for your co-owners and tenants. They can easily call a condo manager so that small daily worries get an answer quickly. – The condo manager ... Read More

Private hospital

ServiceBip™ contributes to greater patient comfort. – Clinic patients can now press the ServiceBip ™ button for assistance and care, more easily and with the insurance of a quick response. – Patients receive better service and have a way to ask for help when needed. – Care staff will be notified and can instantly react ... Read More


With ServiceBip™, your customers will get an excellent service even at the beach. – Your customers can call a waiter at the beach, by pressing the ServiceBip™ button. – When your customers are in holiday on their couch, not having to move will be a real luxury. – Waiters no longer have to go back ... Read More


ServiceBip™ is the perfect tool to boost your sales Before the act of purchasing an important product, many customers want to take the advice of a salesman. – Customers are looking for new products or for those they have seen in the promotion prospectus. – They want to quickly find a product or a particular ... Read More

Residential villas

In residential villas, ServiceBip™ brings you serenity – Calling the villa manager or an employee is now of the utmost simplicity. – No need to move, a push and a team member, an housekeeper, a gardener or an other employee, wherever they are in the property, will receive the call and can come to you ... Read More


ServiceBip™ can address the safety of your staff, your customers and your business more confidently – Deterioration of the society and insecurity no longer allow the entrepreneur to focus on its activities quietly. – Stores in town or in malls suffer cruelly with this climate of insecurity. ServiceBip™ is a call button particularly suitable for ... Read More


At the casino, ServiceBip™ enhances the customers’ gaming experience. – Your customers can call the dealer or a waiter with a single button-press – The player can stay totally focused on the game – Staff will gain mobility while always providing outstanding service ServiceBip™ is a call button particularly suited for situations when the player ... Read More


For caterers, ServiceBip™ is ideal for a better working comfort and more efficiency dedicated to the customer service. By adopting ServiceBip™ and providing each staff member with his own device, caterers can stay in touch all the time and ensure impeccable service to their guests. You discreetly ensure that your clients lack nothing and if ... Read More


On Yachts, ServiceBip™ will easily reach any member of the crew By adopting ServiceBip™ and by giving a device to each member of the crew, passengers will be able to easily contact the person who may serve them or give them information. Wherever they want to order a cocktail on the deck, ask the daily ... Read More

Retirement home

In retirement homes, ServiceBip™ provides better support, more comfort and safety for residents. – Residents of retirement homes now have the opportunity to easily and quickly request assistance and care. – Residents benefit from a more efficient service to ask for help when needed. – The caring service and staff is instantly notified and can ... Read More