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Meeting room

ServiceBip™ really improves the course of a business meeting. – You no longer have to interrupt your speech during an important meeting to seek the assistance of a collaborator or for material. – In case of technical problems, a technician is notified immediately and can bring assistance during a meeting or a negotiation to resume ... Read More


In the hotels, ServiceBip™ provides personalized service at any time. – Your customers can call a waiter wherever they are in the cafeteria, the restaurant, in the lounges, the lobby, the pool, the gym, the spa, the gardens, the terraces, the shops or the reception. – No more need to move, just press a single ... Read More


ServiceBip™ improves customer service for an unforgettable culinary experience – Your customers can call a waiter by pressing a single button. – To pass, modify an order, or request the bill, ServiceBip™ is a fast and convenient way to provide the best service to your customers. – Staff will gain in mobility while always providing ... Read More


ServiceBip™ allows the kitchen to communicate with the waiters in the restaurant – ServiceBip™ contributes to a better organization and a communication dramatically improved between the kitchen and the restaurant team. – Kitchen will notify the waiters directly for faster service because of the reduced time for meals. ServiceBip™ is a call button, ideal to ... Read More


ServiceBip™ improves your productivity by reducing the time you spend looking for a collaborator. – You do not waste time anymore, walking through the entire company looking for a colleague or your manager for an important signature. – You can call a manager or a technician without having to leave your job in case the ... Read More


In a bar, ServiceBip™ greatly improves the friendly experience for the customer – Your customers can call a waiter to their table by just pressing a button. – To pass, modify an order, or request the bill, ServiceBip™ is a fast and convenient way to provide better service to your customers. – Staff gains mobility ... Read More

Fitness centre

ServiceBip™ allows you to customize the service between the coach and his student.
 – The coach will follow his student’s efforts and give relevant advices without being constantly behind him. – The student will have more freedom and can discreetly call the coach when the exercise is finished or if he has a doubt or ... Read More

Specialized Store

ServiceBip™ will be the favorite tool for your customers to request information When a client requires clarification, it can be difficult to find the appropriate person. Having a good quality product at a fair price is not enough. Customers are also looking for innovations, quality and efficiency. ServiceBip™ lets you gather all these qualities by ... Read More

Night Club

In the nightclubs, ServiceBip™ will treat your customers like VIP. If you want to offer a first class service to your customers and make them feel that they receive special attention. ServiceBip™ is the perfect device to do so. Both discreet and practical, it will allow a more efficient and faster service in the night ... Read More

Swimming Pool

Alongside the swimming pool, ServiceBip™ gives you a real feeling of tranquility and a VIP attention. – Your customers can call a waiter at the pool with a single button-push, and even in the water thanks to the sealed buttons – No need to move, a quick push and the cocktail will come to you. ... Read More