ServiceBip™, the wireless call system

…that brings you closer.


Customer loyalty: Satisfied, your customers will come back.
Increase in consumption: Delighted, customers will consume more.
Increase your sales: Make more money thanks to higher overall consumption.



Care and timely service: A client that not find a waiter is a frustrated customer.
Quality of service: Customers will not longer renounce to an order.
Total satisfaction: A satisfied customer is a well served client.



Work comfort: The ServiceWatch™ receiver ensures that you never miss an order or an impatient customer.
Assistance in the organization: You can manage your queue and do not forget anyone.
Teamwork: The ServiceScreen™ receiver improve teamwork and let you prepare your invoices and bills ahead.


ServiceBip™ the best option for the wireless calling system that will improve considerably the service offered to your clients.


Efficient and simple solutions for all service industries such as hotels, restaurants, beach resorts, casinos, spas, private hospitals, retirement homes, etc.


Wherever your clients are, simply place the ServiceBip™ where suitable and anybody who needs a service can easily contact you by simply pressing one of the buttons.


Put the ServiceWatch™ on your wrist. Whenever a client presses the button “Call” or “Bill” on the calling device, you are immediately notified on the ServiceWatch™.

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